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The Consoli RAMPLIG® Ligature Product Line

The Professional Series is available in ten sizes from AAA to H to fit most available saxophone mouthpieces from sopranino to baritone and clarinets from E-Flat to Bass.

Consoli Ramplig TM Professional Series "Dark" Saxophone LigatureEach Professional Series ligature features gold-plated brass hardware with tapered poly-carbonate (LEXAN®) ramps to grip and support the reed. It is this patented design feature which is the heart of the easiest blowing, best sounding ligature available anywhere today at any price!

Our flagship Dark sound model (above) utilizes a 0.036" thick, double cross-weave Nylon® BLACK* strap to provide a "darker" sound.

Consoli Ramplig TM Professional "Bright" Series Saxophone LigatureOur Bright Sound model (right) utilizes a 0.018" thick, single weave Nylon® WHITE* strap for a bright sound that, according to some, can peel paint!

All Consoli RAMPLIG® Professional Series ligatures, in any size or color, carry the same low list price of 39.95 US$.

You may prefer one over the other but you will love them both! Can't decide? Take advantage of our no obligation offer to play them both.

* Our DARK Sound is ONLY available with BLACK strap; Our BRIGHT Sound is typically provided with WHITE strap but colors are sometimes available for single orders (special colors in lots of 10 or more only) - check with us for availability for your mouthpiece.


All of our ligatures include end caps and are carefully shipped, usually within 24 hours of your order receipt. With our 30 day, "No - questions - asked" return policy and one year warranty what have you got to lose? To start enjoying the "Stradivarius of ligatures" call us today at 877-RAMPLIG (US toll-free) or use our online order form.


Consoli Music Products
415 Old Silverton Rd. - Brick, NJ 08723  732.477.3856

The RAMPLIG® ligature is licensed under Patent No: #6,020,545